Getting Back to Flow

Still exploring the topic of transition, let's look at what the journey through life or work transition might look like….

Water Bubble -Photo courtesy of Glen Bonnema
You're about to make a leap off what feels like a ledge, into the abyss of the unknown. You are at once exhilarated and excited, yet scared because you have no clue what awaits you. The unknown is a process, one of developing—the self, the situation and the self in relation to the situation and to others. The leap is slow; you feel airborne for some time, not even knowing when and where you will land. Balance is eventually restored, like the flow of water after a bubble bursts. And a new flow happens.

In the meantime, this tempestuous swirl of water, culminating in a bubble just waiting to burst represents what may be going on inside you as you journey through transition:
  • Self-questioning
  • An attachment to your comfort zone
  • Feeling stuck
  • Overwhelming feelings
  • Working out your healthy boundaries
  • Wanting to be there already and finding your balance

Sounds familiar? I've been in that space of going through a major life transition where I've harbored self-doubt and questioned myself and all that I knew to be true. At the same time, my attachment to my comfort zone, however uncomfortable, hence what precipitated making the change in the first place, had me often wanting to stick with the known. Sometimes I felt stuck because of my reticence, not able to move forward. I learned that I had to break it all down and take just one small step at a time.

The overwhelming feelings accompanying my transition were just that—feelings. I came to realize that I am not my feelings, that feelings don't make it so. Of course, there were new boundaries and limits to negotiate and old boundaries to renegotiate. People see you one way, then along comes evolve. They may not accept what your change means for them. And lastly, the question "Are we there yet?" has you eager for it all to be done and over with. If only someone could wave a wand and there you are: in that new career/job, in/out of that relationship, moved, etc.

And suddenly you realize you're through your transition—you’ve moved from that place of discomfort and pain to NOW. You're intact, you've learned a few lessons along the way, and you're stronger for allowing yourself to grow through change. You are in flow.

What does YOUR trajectory through transition look like?

Ever consider working with a Transition Partner as you navigate the swirling waters of work/life transition? I'd love to accompany you along your journey! For a complimentary discovery session, call 514.996.2414.


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