Honoring Teachers

It's that time of the year when teachers head back into the trenches, the front line that is their classrooms. Not that the teachers ever really left, despite what most people think about long lazy summer days from the end of June to early September--two whole months to languish! NOT! according to this Upworthy graphic The Real Number of Hours Teachers Work.

We often hear about burnout amongst teachers. A recent discussion with an esteemed colleague drove that point home as we compared the myths surrounding work burnout with those about the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often suffered by soldiers. The reality is that burnout does exist for teachers, just like PTSD affects soldiers, and here are some signs to watch for according to the Mayo Clinic:
  1. Being overly critical and cynical
  2. Dragging yourself to work and having difficulty getting started
  3. Irritability with others
  4. Lack of energy and job satisfaction
  5. Feeling disillusioned about your job
  6. Turning to food, drugs or alcohol to salve
  7. Experiencing changes in sleep habits/appetite
  8. Physical conditions like headaches, backaches and unexplained aches

Teachers are givers...and the last ones they may give to are themselves. When we put ourselves last, we risk compromising essential self-care that makes us so effective in helping others, such as our learners, the precious young (and older) lives that we impact.

Let's honor the teachers and learning professionals who touch/have touched our lives as we ponder this Henry Adams quote: "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

How has your life been touched by a teacher?

Empowerment coaching can help teachers! InfiniteU Coaching & Consulting is pleased to offer its Burnout Prevention Coaching Program for Learning Professionals. For more information call 514.996.2414.


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