Dream Catching

Close your eyes and imagine that it's already here--exactly what you want. See it, touch it, hear it, smell it, taste it. Yes, connect with all five of your senses and experience what you want through each one. Now go and act "As if." Act as if what you want to attract is already here. And trust...trust that with each new day, you are closer to achieving the prize. Be patient; meanwhile, use your sixth sense, intuition, to receive and decode the messages around timing and opportunity. You deserve to have what you want. You deserve abundance. Abundance is finding you...in that place and that space of believing, of worthiness.

What are you seeking, that if you let yourself, you'll achieve it in spades? Isn't it time?

Empowerment coaching can help you seek and find--all the answers within. Call for a complimentary discovery session: 514.996.2414


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