Coincidence or Miracle?

When something you've thought about happens, do you consider that a coincidence or a miracle? My adult son and I were having this very discussion recently regarding how when you think about something you'd like to attract and it comes to fruition. He'd had a flash earlier that week about possibly tutoring students, and two days later a tutoring opportunity arose. How does that happen? Is this a coincidence or a miracle? What do you call it then when you think about something you want and it manifests? Law of attraction comes to mind.

This process is indeed miraculous! I've experienced those flashes of thought, where an idea has passed through my mind and I do not linger on it. But I do notice it. I was full of questions for my son about setting an intention: What makes the difference between what one person asks for that comes and someone who doesn't put an intention out there? Is there a consciousness about asking or setting an intention? And what role does letting go play--do you put the intention out there and then let it go--like placing a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea? How hard do we need to work at attracting what we want?

My son shared another insight with me: that you don't say directly and repetitively, "I want one thousand dollars." but rather, you set an intention for money then you simply let it go. That is TRUST, trust that the intention is setting in motion what you wish to attract.

So pay attention to the thoughts and the flashes, staying aware of the information coming in. Notice how these thoughts form your reality. When that reality occurs, specifically express gratitude for their appearance. And take nothing for granted! Imagine appreciating the miracle in a flash that brings a simple opportunity...what else might you harness and attract? The potential is unlimited! It truly is a miracle that we can create our reality, and we can create our reality to be about abundance.

What opportunities do you create in your life? What magic are YOU manifesting right now?


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