Puzzled by Denial?

Sometimes facing reality is too much for us to handle. We may find ourselves ignoring a situation or denying that it even exists because the alternative is to live in the discomfort of the pain. We retreat psychologically to protect ourselves. When dealing with emotionally or physically painful situations, denial can be self-preserving. In our denial, we may feel confusion, fear, anxiety and even resentment as we know that something is not quite right. There is suffering in denial.

I’ve experienced a difficult situation that had me denying my reality. My denial was challenged by clues that I had missed and began recognizing as pieces of a puzzle fitting together. And when the puzzle formed, I had complete clarity and vision about what to do. When I had more information and understanding, I could no longer deny reality. Almost seamlessly, a chain of events unfolded around taking action. There was no resistance—only the path unfoldingas I was guided forward. The steps I took to crack open the suffering of denial and face reality, included:
  1. Readiness to face the discomfort
  2. Willingness to change
  3. Paying attention to my intuition
  4. Detaching from the situation and the outcome
  5. Trusting in a greater good and a grander plan
  6. Gratitude and appreciation for what IS

You can apply these steps to any situation where you feel pain, uncertainty and fear. There is great learning in suffering. And remember that moving from the comfort of denial into the bite of reality is a process that takes time—its own time.

Are you in a state of denial that if you were to change, you’d experience greater joy, alignment with your values and the abundance life offers? What does moving from denial into action look like?

Coaching with Kelly can help you break through the barrier of denial. Call now to schedule your complimentary 30-minute coaching session.


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