Sit With Your Discomfort

Photo courtesy of Morguefile
It's challenging to break a pattern or change a long-standing behavior. This requires awareness and the inspiration to change, moving out of your comfort zone as you try a new approach. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, the alternative can feel more insane. Take the example of saying "No" to something you've always said "Yes" to and about which you've harbored resentment. As you sit with your "No," you may:
  • Second-guess yourself
  • Rehash the conversation in your mind
  • Attribute feelings of disappointment and displeasure to the recipient
  • Entertain feelings of guilt
  • Overcompensate as you try to make yourself comfortable in a space that now feels uncomfortable

A dear friend of mine calls this nano seconds--the time spent spinning around a decision or line drawn in the sand. You may want to run back and compromise. I've run back many times, disregarding my own truth and not standing my ground, only to be slowly pulled back into the familiar pattern.

Don't do anything; just sit with the newness and your discomfort. Be prepared to sit in that uncomfortable space while the new habit/behavior takes root. This takes time. What can you do in that space while you wait? What self-care can you enact in place of the old behavior?

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