Write Your Personal Manifesto

Let's consider a different way of setting New Year's Resolutions: write your Personal Manifesto! This is your personal mission statement, a public declaration of your intent, opinions, policies or aims. And it derives from the Italian word "to manifest"--how cool is that??! You can draw this out on cardboard or use an online template.

I created my Manifesto with Fotor and using a free background image from Morguefile. I started with a key phrase, "I AM...," powerful words for setting intention and creating my reality, and built around them without over-thinking. I was amazed at the unfolding of my Manifesto as words found their right place on the poster and in relationship to other words and phrases.

Approach writing your statements by:
  1. Brainstorming words that hold meaning for you
  2. Stating your beliefs, values or vision
  3. Listing your pleasures or the things you know for sure (A la Oprah Winfrey)
  4. Imagining that you're giving a 30-second pitch: jot down what first comes to mind--fast!

Play with fonts and colors. Fotor also enables special effects and framing. Don't censor yourself or hold back--have fun with it!

Once done, you can save your "posterized" Manifesto as a jpg, e-mail it to yourself and check back in a few months to see where you're at with your goals. Or post it to your Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter pages for more public accountability. Alternatively, send your Manifesto to a close friend or your coach for confidential accountability.

Manifest YOUR 2014!

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