When Relationships Heal

Have you ever met your mirror? It's where you find yourself looking at YOU
through another person. You let yourself experience the fullness and richness of the relationship because you know this connection will help you grow. You dare to go there.

Like other changes, a new relationship that holds up a mirror, can be overwhelming. This is the stuff of life transition. Only in this case, it is a healing transition. Rather than duking it out with another person's demons, I can journey with someone whole and following their truth path, who is willing to help me along mine. It can be as scary as it is exhilarating! There's no map for this uncharted territory of the heart and soul. I need only trust. The hidden treasure that surfaces, eclipses all riches.

Have YOU ever met your mirror? And what did you learn about yourself?

Coaching with Kelly can help you hold up that mirror to see where you may be stuck in relationships. Call: 514-996-2414.


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