The law of attraction is a beautiful thing. And it works miracles in your life! I created a laundry list of attributes I was seeking in a partner, filling pages of a journal. My top request was that this special person be like me. And why not? As I was working hard to love myself after so many years of low self-worth, I realized that attracting someone who is my mirror would be even more healing. If I could love and accept that which is imperfect in myself, then I could love the same in another. Enter my mirror. I look into the soul of this man and see beauty as I can now look into my own soul and see what previously eluded me. Love is a forgiving thing. So many years spent not loving me, so many years spent not feeling enough. How I am reminded that the journey we all travel, is paved with similarities. The mirror has two sides and they're both reflecting simultaneously.

Have you ever met your mirror? What was the reflection, that when you really considered it, you fell in love with yourself all over again?


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