An Open Letter to All Fathers

Image result for fathers and daughters holding handsFather, Dad, Pop, Papa, Daddy... Fathers, do you know exactly the impact you have on your daughter and her life? Do you realize the importance of your role as that first man who will love her and show her how to love and be loved? Do you know that how you treat your daughter will set the tone for how she is treated by all men?

There will come a day when your little girl brings home a guy. You may not like it. You may not even like him. You may feel that guy doesn’t deserve your daughter. Know that you prepared her for this moment. You primed her to attract a partner, starting with her first date and later for the man she will settle down with or marry and bear children with.

How did you love your little girl all those years? Did you show her how much she is loved and respected? If you abused your daughter emotionally, physically, sexually or neglected her, what does that look like in the kind of man she dates or marries?

Do you want for your daughter, the kind of man you are?

Ask all these questions and more of yourself. It’s not about blame. It’s about taking responsibility, now, before your daughter is born. When you first hold that swaddled baby in her pink or yellow or whatever color blanket, look into her eyes and make her a promise: that you will love and protect her the way you want her to be loved and protected by the man she chooses to make her life with after your example has been set.

Commit to being the kind of man you want for your daughter. Be THAT man. Show your daughter how she deserves that and more!


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