Why You Need an Accountability Partner

As adult vocational educators, you assemble for a pedagogical day hands-on group coaching activity about team building and team effectiveness. The session engages you in brainstrorming and sharing ideas, ideas that showcase your passion for the valuable work you do! You intend to bring these ideas back to your classrooms. After all, you have crafted insightful and clear departmental mission and vision statements aligning with your institution's mission and vision.
Trust, Create, Collaborate, Group

Then what? How do you maintain your excitement and momentum from such a positive session? This is where accountability partnering comes in!

An accountability partner is someone with whom you pair up during the session and remain accountable to, post-session. You follow up with each other on what you said you would do two weeks after the group coaching session that got you all fired up and ready to implement your ideas and goals. And in that connection, you share your successes, concerns and challenges. You also commit to what you will do moving forward. Then you meet again. Hopefully, this will create a mentoring bond between you so that you each now have a trusted someone to whom you can go for support when facing work-related issues.

Who can you develop this kind of relationship with so that your co-partnering not only holds you accountable, but also helps you to achieve--and even surpass--your goals?


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